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The International Corporate Sustainability Reporting Site

Welcome on this international site dedicated to Corporate Sustainability / CSR and environmental reporting. This is the first site (since 1997) dedicated to this theme and has attracted many, many visitors since.

You can find actual news, a complete resource library (guidelines, tools, articles etcetera), an award gallery and more.

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5 Ways to Make Sustainability Reporting More Sustainable
28 january 2015

What do companies report?
26 january 2015

Sustainability Reports Should Have Nothing To Do With CSR
22 january 2015

GRI convenes international discussion on the future of sustainability reporting
09 january 2015

Reporting and transparency en route to a one-materiality future
08 january 2015

Befimmo en Bopro beste Belgische duurzaamheidsverslagen over 2013
03 december 2014

SLAZ winnaar van het beste Milieujaarverslag 2013 zorgsector
27 november 2014

NS winnaar Kristalprijs 2014 voor meest transparante MVO verslag
24 november 2014

Surinaamse Brouwerij presenteert eerste duurzaamheidsverslag in Suriname
03 november 2014

AkzoNobel, KPN en NS genomineerd voor Kristalprijs 2014
13 october 2014